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We Gather, Write, and Send Targeted Emails to Business Prospects

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How The Process Works

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We Gather a Targeted Email List

We procure and enrich prospects from our proprietary business-to-business (B2B) database of more than 15 million business leaders in the United States.

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We Write Engaging Copy

The copy we write is short and actionable. We design emails so that the prospect replies to your message.

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We Send, Follow-Up, and Inbox Every Email

Our team sends every email by hand to ensure inbox delivery. Follow-up emails help get even more responses.

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You Get Quality Leads

You’ll receive email replies from real prospects agreeing to speak with you. Start getting warm and hot leads now!

We Turn Our Email Lists into Your Leads!

About Us

Jimmy Alamia, Charles “Chaz” Tedesco, and Barry Krall have been working together in the digital space for more than a decade. Jimmy and Chaz are the techie marketing gurus, and Barry is the seasoned sales leader.

Together, the team has executed thousands of B2B marketing campaigns. Their agency experience is the key to delivering profitable campaigns with real ROI (Return On Investment) for clients.

Clients that buy email lists aren’t able to make them work like they did years ago.

The digital marketing trio believes that the pay-for-results lead-generation model is an effective method for showing value and ROI to businesses.

Jimmy, Chaz, and Barry provide next-generation lead-generation, which they have coined as the “Next-Gen of Lead-Gen.”

Jimmy Alamia
Jimmy Alamia


Chaz Tedesco
Chaz Tedesco


Barry Krall
Barry Krall

VP of Sales

Our Bigger Purpose

We believe in helping businesses create quality leads on a consistent basis. Leads and conversions are the fuel that makes the business machine work.

The more lead responses we can create for our clients, the more profitable they will become. When businesses become more profitable, the owners, employees, and clients all benefit.

This results in more opportunities for you to continue to grow and help other people to better their lives, businesses, and communities.

We are…

"The Next-Gen of Lead-Gen"

About Our Email Lists and Email Deliverability

Our company was founded in the data management and lead-generation tradition, and we have helped hundreds of companies grow with real results. We can provide an effective lead-generation service on a pay-for-results basis.

Our company founded and created (a leading B2B data company), and we currently house the largest and most accurate B2B email list database in the United States. Our databases are made up of more than 15 million active business leaders and C-suite executives.

We gather and procure each client’s targeted email list and ensure that every email message is accurate and deliverable.

We send every email manually and ensure that messages are delivered into the prospect’s inbox. That's how we roll!

We Make Cold Email Work!

You Pay For Results!

About Our Engaging Email Copy

Writing engaging email content is as important as gathering your targeted email list and delivering your message into the prospect’s inbox. You need all three of these things aligned to make lead-generation work.

We take the time to understand your value proposition and unique differentiators. We write engaging email copy with actionable follow-up email messages.

The email copy we write is on behalf of your specific business. It is personalized, engaging, actionable, and right to the point. Engaging and actionable email copy is the key to getting prospects to reply to your message.

Actionable Copy Is King!

Types of Clients We Work With

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Business Brokers

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Marketing and Web Design Companies

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Service Related Companies

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Real Estate Companies

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IT Services Companies

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Printing Companies

Clients Are Talking…

You guys really crushed it. We finally got the corporate clients that we needed…

Frank, Workout World, NJ

Great value, quality responses that turned into good appointments.

Terry & Gable Consulting, FL

Chaz was amazing, started receiving profitable responses immediately.

Dr. Ron Marek –Scottsdale, AZ

It’s so hard to get prospects to complete forms on our site. Your team has cracked the code. Best!

Jerry C – Specialty Finance Group, NY NY


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Startup Program


40 Email Replies

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Enterprise Program


250 Email Replies

Give us a call to get started: (201) 290-1003.


We generate a list of targeted prospects from our proprietary B2B database. We write engaging email copy describing your business with actionable next steps in the message and send out all emails by hand. As a result, you receive replies using a web-based email reply platform. It’s your job to follow up on the email replies.

You can specify U.S. geographic requirements by zip codes or counties. You can also specify executive titles and industries. You can include annual sales and employee size in our pay-for-results “Lead Appointment” campaigns.

Any human reply counts other than someone asking to be removed from the list.

It takes two to four business days for your campaign to be set up and go live. We procure the targeted audience and secure a domain for your project. You only need to approve the copy that we write for you. Clients typically see email replies after the first couple of days. As time goes on, we can ramp up the number of email messages we send each day. As we send more email messages, you will receive more replies/responses.

Yes, we can put a campaign together based on “Lead Appointments” only. Lead Appointments are replies consistent with a prospect agreeing to take an appointment with you. For this specific type of lead-generation campaign, we typically charge $100-$500 per Lead Appointment. Give us a call with your project requirements, and we’ll give you a quote. We can accommodate most budgets.

We gather 3,000–5,000 business prospects for each campaign. We clean, verify, refine, and expand targeted email audiences based on our ability to scale projects for our clients.

We have been in the data management and list sales business since 1999. Our partner houses one of the largest B2B executive databases in the United States and updates the prospect database every month. Business email lists are refined and enriched in preparation for lead-generation campaigns.

Every business is different, but on average, we see that most B2B companies get one to three sales for every 40 email replies. Keep in mind that you need to nurture your email responses, build your sales pipeline, and provide a user journey for your prospects to have a better closing potential. The email list pay-for-results lead-generation service is perfect for B2B companies whose products and services have high commissions and high profit potential.

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